Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Assuring Occupational Health and Safety of all Stakeholders

FSE Lifestyle is committed to continuously improving our occupational safety and health management standard with the goal of preventing accidents and incidents from occurring during our daily operations whenever reasonably feasible, while also ensuring the health and safety of all our employees, business partners, and the general public.

We have always been praised for providing services to our clients through a healthy, safe, and efficient work model, and all employees have been considering health and safety as an important part of their daily work. To successfully implement the company's occupational health and safety policy and management system, it is necessary to cooperate and share the responsibility among management, all employees and our business partners.

FSE Lifestyle promises to invest all necessary resources to achieve the highest level of health and safety standard in the workplace, striving to exceed the minimum legal requirements for health and safety and maintaining this commitment:

  • The management of FSE Lifestyle is responsible for providing all necessary information, instructions, training, and supervision to employees, partners and other affected by our services to work in a healthy, safe, and compliant manner under relevant laws and regulations, and to effectively communicate with employees.
  • All employees must also take responsibility for caring for their own and other’s health and safety in the workplace and cooperate with the company to comply with the established rules, regulations and legal requirements.
  • Any employee who intentionally neglects the occupational health and safety policy on their work post will be recorded and subject to disciplinary actions and may also be dismissed by the company.

FSE Lifestyle's senior management and all safety personnel will effectively implement the health and safety policies, and department heads and other managers are also be responsible to our senior management for the overall coordination and implementation of this policy. The company's safety management committee will review this policy annually to ensure its appropriateness and effectiveness are well observed and maintained.