About FSE

FSE Holdings Limited is a service conglomerate employing over 16,000 staff members in Hong Kong, PRC and Macao. Its service competencies include the following domain:

While some of the member companies commenced their operations as early as 1965, the companies have an average operating history over 35 years. In 2018, the E&M engineering group, cleaning & environmental service group, and the laundry group were reorganized into a listed entity, FSE Services Group Limited (Stock Code: 331.HK). In 2019, FSE Services Group acquired the property & facility management group to further expand the scale of its business operations.

Major Clients

Major Clients


FSE corporate volunteers share warm and caring to 250 elderlies


Over 220 FSE volunteers serve 101 elderlies living in the old districts


FSE corporate volunteers brighten up 645 elderlies