Environmental Concern

Environmental Concern

In delivering our E&M engineering works, we aim to ensure that all services are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe that a successful environment management is important for us to meet customers’ demand in environment protection and to ensure healthy growth and sustainable development of our business. In this connection, we have set up environmental management system to promote environmental awareness and to prevent pollution of the environment.

Our environmental management system currently in place was accredited by HKQAA with ISO14001 certification. Some of our environmental protection measures include:

Building a Culture of Sustainability

We believe fostering behavioural change within the Group is key to driving sustainable growth. To nurture an environmentally friendly culture within the Group, the Green Office Guidelines were officially launched in November 2016. The Guidelines focus on paper use reduction, energy conservation and materials recycling at our offices, sites, workshops and plant rooms.

At the Hong Kong office, we arranged used books and toys recycling to promote a circular economy. Our Youth Committee organised an eco-tour for our staff to visit the organic waste treatment facility “O · PARK1” to enhance employees’ understanding of the concept of turning food waste to energy.

Research and Development Projects

Over the years, FSE has strengthened its commitment in research and development to enhance our existing services and protect the environment. Through collaboration with The Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (“NAMI”), FSES has participated in two R&D projects involving water treatment and solid waste treatment. Currently, we are running a pilot water treatment project on cooling tower. We will continue to explore new technologies for a greener future.