People Development

People Development

We believe our employees are the most valuable resources for our success. To assure the quality of our employees at all levels and to secure a stable supply of future generations of management personnel, we have set up the Talent Development and Training Committee to plan, organize and oversee a comprehensive training and development programme for our employees. Our goal is to identify and develop talent, with the aim of providing upward mobility within our company, fostering employee loyalty and incorporating customized mentoring, coaching and training. We continuously provide tailored training and career guidance to our staff on general and technical knowledge and skillsets including integrated management system, risk assessment, cost control, project management, project experience sharing, green and environmental protection, latest legal compliances and specialised knowledge in their respective service segments.

In a constantly changing business and social environment, it is important to equip our staff with up-to-date knowledge and skill set to remain competitive in the market. To suit the diverse needs of our operations, we arrange tailor-made training sessions on a variety of topics such as technical workshops, customer service excellence, stress management and application of emotional quotient (“EQ”) and adversity quotient (“AQ”) at work, communication skills and occupational health and safety. Our established Training and Education Subsidy Scheme allows the Group to cultivate a continuous learning culture and effectively explores the potential of our employees which helps foster staff growth and development.

We believe our training programme may help promote internal upward mobility, which not only increases employee retention rates, but also enhances the quality of management personnel needed for our expanding businesses.

Cultivating a Continuous Learning Culture

Total Training Hours1


Average Training Hours 2


1 Received by all employees in Hong Kong, Macau and PRC

2 Equals to total training hours divided by total number of employees in Hong Kong, Macau and PRC.

* For the year ended 30 June 2022

Nurturing the Young Talent

We are also dedicated to nurturing young talents. To develop our young talents into well-rounded leaders of the future, seven young staff have been selected to join the 2-year YoungSTAR program in January 2019. Since the programme commencement, the participants have gained valuable experiences from different courses under this programme and have provided positive feedback during their journey. In addition to the Graduate Scheme ‘A’ Training approved by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Project Management Procedures Training Programme, a mentorship programme and the Big Brother and Sister Program for junior engineers have also been established since April 2018.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning