Group Members

Group Members

Property & Facility Management, Property Agency Services

    • Urban Group
      Urban Group is the innovative leader in the Hong Kong property and facility management industry. The Group pioneered the introduction of modern international standards in property management in Hong Kong. As early as 1965 Urban transformed management practices that established quality standards for large-scale property management. Two of Hong Kong’s most prestigious composite residential developments for their time, Mei Foo Sun Chuen and City One Shatin were recognized as market leaders firmly establishing Urban’s reputation for quality management. In 1981 the corporate brand of Urban Property Management Limited was formally established and the already substantial portfolio of managed properties continued to grow over the ensuing decades. Moving into the 21st Century, Urban has re-defined its corporate brand proposition and expanded from a professional property management company to a consolidated group of companies offering a broad range of services for the customers. In addition to professional property management, businesses now include property asset and facility management, project management, engineering and building repairs and, maintenance.
    • Kiu Lok Service Management Group
      Kiu Lok Service Management Group was established in 1972 with over 45 years of experience in the industry. Our well-trained teams have proven ourselves to be the leading experts in Hong Kong. KLSM embraces a diversified range of services such as property & assets management, facility management, sales & leasing services, and professional technical service. Our portfolio covers shopping mall, service apartment, A-grade commercial building, deluxe residential, and club house, etc.
International Property Management Limited
      International Property Management Limited The brand identity of International Property Management (IPM) reflects its substantial experience in the industry since 1970 and its pursue of continuous improvement. The corporate logo of IPM reveals the service promise of the company: Market and Customer Focus and World-class Professional Service.

City Essential Services

Technical Support & Maintenance

    • Far East Engineering Services Ltdp
      Founded in 1967, Far East Engineering Services Ltd has been offering a complete range of E&M systems engineering, operation, maintenance, energy audit, analysis, testing and commissioning services to the civil and private building and facility developers in Hong Kong and China for over 20 years. Far East built a notable reputation in the Hong Kong civil sector for providing quality services due to its active involvement in the E&M term contracts. The group relentlessly strives to provide better quality services and maintain a highly skilled, trained and qualified workforce of engineers and technicians with multi-faceted expertise, who are capable of delivering an excellent level of service and support to its customers.
    • Turning Technical Services Limited
      Turning Technical Services Limited The brand identity of Turning Technical Service reflects its efficient, effective and accurate service promise. The logo adopts blue and black colours to stand out the energetic brand personality. The company strives to provide reliable and high quality repair and maintenance services to its cutomers.

Environmental Solutions

    • FSE Environmental Solutions Limited (FSE Environment)
      Environment Solutions
      FSE Environmental Solutions Limited (FSE Environment) provides a full range of environment solutions including comprehensive water treatment for HVAC systems, design and installation of electro-chlorination technologies for district cooling system, deodorization at refuse collection stations. We provide environmental consultancy, energy and carbon audit, and improvement plans to achieve various green standards such as BEAM Plus and Excellent IAQ. We apply nano-technology, FSEcoZone, at certain areas to ensure water quality and safety. Together, we aim to deliver zero carbon emissions to fight against climate change.
      Smart Solutions
      FSE Environment delivers smart solutions through electro-low-voltage (ELV) installation, design and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, audio and video systems (AV) and various smart facilities by our IoT brand, FioTec. We modify ordinary offices and washrooms into smart ones, enabling users to monitor the efficiency and safety with sensors and big data platform supports.
      Green Solutions
      To enhance the green space at public and private areas, FSE Environment offers horticultural maintenance, tree risk assessment and tree care services. We design indoor and outdoor green areas for luxurious hotels, apartments, government and utilities, residential buildings, exhibition centres, universities, local and international schools. During festival periods, we supply and install plants to celebrate these special occasions. In addition to the soft landscape, we supply green building materials for hard landscaping such as European tiles with anti-bacterial technology. With our expertise, we balance the functional and aesthetic needs to satisfy our clients.

Assets Protection and Security Services

    • General Security (HK) Limited
      General Security Group was founded in 1977 and provides Guarding Services including physical guarding, security management and planning, armed guarding and armoured vehicle transportation, central alarm monitoring station and computerized tele-protection services, event security and concierge services, as well as comprehensive security systems installation and maintenance such as access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, patrol systems and remote video surveillance.

Concierge and Event Planning Services

    • General Security (HK) Limited
      Founded in 2021, Perfect Event Services Limited is committed to providing professional one-stop solutions and support services for various events, exhibitions and conferences, for instance, customer service ambassadors for property sales events, event support services for private clubs, ticketing and seats leading services for exhibitions and local concerts, etc. We also assist our clients in organizing a wide range of activities, such as corporate conferences and international forums, corporate banquets and celebrations, Annual General Meetings, marketing promotions, private banquets, product launches, outdoor concerts, major exhibitions, property promotions, award ceremonies and seminars…etc.

Insurance Solutions

    • Nova Insurance Group
      Nova Insurance (formerly known as New World Insurance) has been a member of a dynamic and respected insurance broker group since 1988. In 1991, Nova Insurance Consultants Ltd was incorporated. Being one of the largest independent brokers in Hong Kong, we offer one-stop-shop risk management and insurance solutions to both corporate and individual clients. With a highly professional team of brokers and specialists, we serve many clients who are leaders within their industries including international hotel chains, publicly listed companies, property developers, public transportation companies, manufactories, trading companies, telecommunication companies, governmental departments / organizations and non-governmental organizations etc. Types of insurance we handle include Property & Casualty, construction, financial lines, marine, aviation and employee benefits. Nova holds an Insurance Broker Company License granted by the Insurance Authority (“IA”) while our Macau branch office is a licensed broker under AMCM (Monetary Authority of Macao). We are also a registered MPF Intermediary under MPFA. In 2021, Nova was invited by IA as a Partner of the Hong Kong Specialty Risks Consortium to support IA the Belt & Road Initiative. Through our global broker networks, we can serve our clients’ insurance needs all over the World

Cleaning, Disinfection and Pest Control Services

    • Waihong Service Group
      Waihong Services Group Since its establishment in 1965 as a sole proprietorship, Waihong has grown into one of Hong Kong leading environmental services companies. Waihong grew rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s along with the Hong Kong economy. It was incorporated with limited liability in 1986 and joined FSE Lifestyle Services Limited in 2018. Waihong specializes in the provision of environmental sanitation and auxiliary facility services including comprehensive one-stop solution cleaning, pest and termite elimination, medical and municipal waste collection and disposal.

E&M Services

Design and Installation Services

    • FSE Engineering Group
      FSE Engineering Group is the second largest E&M engineering companies in Hong Kong, providing a comprehensive range of E&M engineering services, and have well-established E&M engineering operations in the PRC and Macau. With over 50 years of operating history, we have developed substantial expertise as an E&M engineering service provider and built up a strong network with well-established clients and main contractors who are often engaged in large-scale project of major property developers and other blue-chip companies in Hong Kong.
    • Majestic Engineering Co Ltd
      Founded in 1980, Majestic Engineering Co Ltd has been providing quality electrical, fire protection, plumbing and drainage engineering services to the civil and private building and facility developers in a cost-effective manner. Today the group is a multi-disciplined building services contractor with the ability to provide design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning services.
    • Young's Engineering Co Ltd
      Founded in 1972, Young's Engineering Co Ltd has evolved from an air conditioning contractor to an engineering group with total E&M system design and build capability. The group was the pioneer in the application of CAD techniques in 1986 and has developed a worthy engineering team over the years. Also, the group has been active in China since 1982 and set up representative offices in major cities.